What is the cost to register?

Nothing - it's FREE. There are no registration fees for buyers or sellers.

Do I need to be registered to view listings?

No, why would we do that? You might need to register to contact a seller or to complete a transaction - but not to view our listings.

How much does it cost for sellers to place listings?

Is this site secure?

Yes. All transactions are handled entirely through PayPal. Your transaction is not even processed through Affordable Classifieds - it's the most secure method possible.

How do I find what I'm looking for?

You have several options:

There's a quick search entry box on the front page. Just enter your keywords, or simply click on one of the main categories to see more. For an Advanced Search just click on "Search" at the bottom of each page. Numerous browsing filters (price, dealer, private, etc.) are available when browsing by category. There is an advance search link at the bottom of each page.

Can I save items to revisit later?

Yes. You can maintain your own "favorites" list within your user account. Each listing has an "add to favorites" link. Simply click that link and the listing will be added to your favorites list - which is viewable from within your account page.

What if I can't find what I'm looking for?

You can set up search filters within your account area. Our site will then screen all new listings as they're placed on the site. If an item is placed that meets your filter (search) criteria, an email notifiction will be sent to you. What could be better than that?

How do buyers and sellers communicate with each other?

We provide buyers with the ability to contact the seller through a form that is accessible on each of the seller's listing pages. The seller will then be notified by email of the buyer's questions and the seller can either reply by email or log in to their account and reply through our onsite messaging system. The seller can choose to keep their email address anonymous by communicating through their account page.